The Best 1280

"The Best 1280" is a project intended for quarter peal bands looking for musical compositions for both standard and non-standard treble-dodging major methods. It is too easy for a conductor to just fall back on the "old faithful" 2H,2W,2H,sW or WH,3W,2H,sW when more musical alternatives are available. However, the available musical alternatives can often be complex and intimidating for all but the most experienced conductors. This project attempts to provide musical possibilities within the fairly "safe" bobs-only (currently only 4ths place), tenors-together framework. Musical tastes vary but for the purposes of this project, "music" is a count of 4-bell runs, at the beginning or end of a change. The main project consists of some 3.5 million methods (see below). I have also added a section containing only existing named methods.

Named Methods

  • 6786 Treble-Dodging Major methods taken from the CC collection as of 07/07/2014

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"All" Methods
  • 3.5 million Treble-Dodging Major methods
  • Regular leadends
  • No single or double changes
  • No 78 place notations other than the half lead

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